Why ‘I’m Moving To Houston’

Starlito’s decided to relocate. Or, to be more accurate, he’s added another zip code to the list of those he’s referenced repeatedly in songs. Besides his Nashville hometown, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Arizona are all locations he referenced heavily in the past and now he’s added a Texas address to the list, announced by way of his latest release, ‘I’m Moving To Houston,’ available on iTunes and Google Play.

The new 12-track project is produced solely by H-Town’s TrakkSounds and features guest spots from Killa Kyleon, Propain, Jack Freeman, Sauce Walka, and Sosa Mann as well frequent collaborators Don Trip and Young Dolph. In his own words, Lito talks about his longevity and describes how the LP came together, the city’s influence as well as how Pimp C’s spirit serves as a guidepost for it all.

I actually move and gameplan remarkably similar to the way I used to when I was first releasing music (late 2003-2004). I warned myself about READ MORE: http://uproxx.com/smokingsection/starlito-moving-to-houston-new-album/