Rap Songs of the Week: Step Brothers Starlito & Don Trip Stand Up to School Bullies

Starlito & Don Trip ft. Kevin Gates, “Leash on Life”

A melodramatic beat that sounds like Linkin Park remixing Childish Major’s “U.O.E.N.O.” adds even more pathos to this touching, insightful track that touches on the ways that white privilege even extends to spree killers (“They shootin’ up movies, they shootin’ up schools / Young black fools ain’t the only ones that suit up with tools,” Starlito reminds you), and puts its hand on the shoulders of outsiders and the downtrodden. Don Trip’s verse breaks down the creation of a school shooter: “Put yourself in his shoes / Walking away didn’t help / He got no friend to defend him / He’s gotta fend for his self / And he’s to skinny to fight / Running away just ain’t cutting it / His daddy ain’t home / His momma’s still struggling / She juggles three jobs / And get no help from the government.” Kevin Gates’ hook redirects us to the struggle of the option-less hustler.