The Trill Prince of Nashville: How Starlito Quietly Became One of the Most Interesting Stories in Independent Music

Is 2013 the year Starlito broke into the public consciousness? That’s a tricky question, but the answer could be yes. In any case, what’s clear is this: 2013 was definitely his most successful year to date, and seems to have added the most important chapter to the already one-of-a-kind rap career of Nashville’s most notable rising hip-hop artist.

The artist formerly known as All Star Cashville Prince has been Nashville’s most notable hip-hop artist for some time now. He was signed to Cash Money Records in the mid-2000s and had a brush with the mainstream, releasing the single “Grey Goose” (feat. Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti) — a hit that seeped so deeply into the public consciousness that, at least for READ MORE: